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Sean Mulroney will tell you he’s lost a million pounds and gained it all back. He’s tried every diet out there and nothing has worked. Sean got up to 687 pounds and almost died.

When his daughter was born last year, Sean decided he wanted to be there to walk her and her two sisters down the aisle. Since January, Sean has lost 110 pounds by working out, drinking lots of water, and changing his diet.

Sean posted his workouts on his Facebook page and now 4.5 million people across the globe have viewed them.

Many of them are people who are so overweight they’re afraid to leave their home. Gyms aren’t set up for obese people. They don’t fit on the equipment. Clothes aren’t made for them. Getting in and out of a car is difficult.

Sean said he wants the public to understand the issues this segment of the population is dealing with. He’s become an inspiration to many of them.