Mayor says effort to privatize St. Louis Lambert Airport is over


Mayor Lyda Krewson

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Mayor Lyda Krewson says that the effort to privatize St. Louis Lambert is over.  A tweet from her account says that she is, “Asking my representative on City’s Airport Working Group to not proceed with RFP for potential leasing of  St. Louis Lambert operations. I thank the entire group, our airlines and everyone who worked on this.

We still need a stronger airport, but let’s get there a different way”

A spokesperson for Mayor Krewson’s office told FOX 2 in 2018 that it is not unusual for private companies to run a city’s airport, adding that Chicago is currently looking at options for its airports and many international hubs do the same and are very successful.

There has been a lot of controversy over the privatization issue. The mayor and board president were in favor of studying privatization, but the city’s chief financial officer, Comptroller Darlene Green, calls it a bad deal for taxpayers.  There have been demonstrations over this issue in 2019.


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