St. Louis Metro upgrades security this week

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis County Police move to make Metro safer. If you use the transit agency beginning, Sunday you’re going to see more cops. Passengers said they welcome extra police with open arms.

Metro passenger Keith Baker said, “It is a good idea it helps keep things mellow.”

 Friday night three people were arrested for a strong armed robbery at a Metro link stop near Shrewsbury and Lansdowne.
And there have been other problems that frightened folks. A man was shot at a stop at lunch time.  A beating was caught on camera. And, another man beaten so badly he claims he’ll never ride again. Even though the number of violent incidents is down, riders are still on edge.
 One man said, “It’s scary for me absolutely.”  Ronald Garner added, “Nobody wants to get on these trains and line up they’re scared thinking something’s going to happen to them.”
 Metro has a security force of 150 officers who don’t have full police powers. St. Louis County police are adding 9 extra officers and two sergeants who will focus on the transit system to make the rails safer.
 Passenger Linda Brinson said, “I would be for the protection because I think it’s a shame these youngsters are going around harassing people and beating them up for no reason at all.”
 Sunday morning County Police were spotted in two different vehicles patrolling the Metro Station on North Hanley three times within about an hour. They plan to do even more. Authorities said in the future there will be more police added to the ranks to patrol Metro.
 Linda Brinson added, “I think they’re doing the right thing and we need more protection here in St. Louis.”

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