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ST. LOUIS – With the forecast calling for flakes, the word ‘snow’ can be followed by ‘milk’ and ‘bread.’

All the essentials for some French toast.

Fox 2’s Patrick Clark has the story.. Of shoppers stocking up on the breakfast staples before it starts snowing.

Maybe it harkens back to St. Louis` French fur trading days in 1764 when the city was founded.

Possibly Pierre Laclede started the St. Louis tradition of stockpiling supplies before a large snowfall.

“This is my regular store day so I`ll shop for regular things I shop for you know some extra milk, bottled water, bread, soup, stuff like that, “said Maggie Fitzsimmons/Shopper.

“Bread, eggs, milk and my tradition is to be inside in the house away from the highways and reading a good book,” said Pamela Yates/Shopper.

The essentials Laclede would have needed for some yummy French toast…milk, eggs, and a dash of salt, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon whisked together?

Well, they were at the Bridgeton Schnucks, which was busy Wednesday afternoon.

Shoppers were gathering the groceries needed in the gateway city like bread, which for French toast recipe gets flipped on both sides in the egg mixture, and then onto a griddle that`s been buttered.

“I`m not going to buy anything different than I would any other day.  The snow doesn`t make me want to have any comfort food that I usually don`t want anyhow, so you know,” said Ken Speckart, Shopper.

According to the Bridgeton Schnucks the most coveted comfort foods before a snowfall Wednesday were easy items for a mom like lunch meats, cereals, and milk, bread, butter, and eggs…the essentials for French toast.

“I don`t really make it on snow days.  I get up and make it at two or three o`clock in the morning because I want something sweet,” said Tannya Stewart, Shopper.

And what a great way to welcome the morning, then with a golden brown piece of French toast, that`s been cooked for two or three minutes on each side over medium heat.

Well, that`s a recipe for success in a snowy St. Louis.