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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The St. Louis Metro Police Department revealed that 31 of the 56 murders in 2013 remain unsolved.

One of those unsolved murders is the shooting death of nine-year-old Tyrese Short. He was shot in the head while he was inside his father’s SUV.

Mon Rai was also shot to death in South St. Louis at a 7 Eleven. He left a pregnant wife. No one has been arrested.

Police say the community has to step up and give police more information about crimes.

However, St. Louis resident Daren Wilson said he thinks many people in his community do not trust police.

“Some have had bad experiences with police, so they avoid police,” he said.

Wilson also said that some do not want to be labeled a “snitch.”

21st Ward Alderman Antonio French said he “understands” why some people do not call police with information.

“Many people live next to people who commit violent crimes,” he said. “So they are in fear.”

He also agreed that some people do not trust police.

However, French said that people should relay information to him or other public officials.

“I go to crime scenes,” he said. “They can tell me the information, and I will get it to the right people.”

He also said that the community and police need to “work together” to make everyone safe.

The chief of police is currently reviewing a plan that would connect officers with more people who live in violent areas. The hope is to build more trust and end any fears people have about sharing information with police.

If you have any information about crimes, call CrimeStoppers at 314 725 8477.