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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – On almost every show Friday at radio station KDHX, there were tributes to a musician who meant a lot to so many.

“Anne was just such a great human being,” says Beverly Hacker, Executive Director KDHX Community Media. “She really danced to the beat of her own drummer but was so very important to so many people. It`s a huge loss.”

Anne Tkach set that beat as a drummer and bass player for such local bands as Rough Shop, Ransom Note and Magic City,

“There`s a whole lot of musicians in this town that have been on stage and been able to do things that maybe they didn’t know they could do, because Anne was there being encouraging and helping them realize their talents,” says Hacker.

She was set to play KDHX`s Twangfest this June in a much anticipated reunion for her band Nadine. But this performer was also almost, an honorary personality at this radio station.

“There`s been times she`s come in and done literature readings for different shows,” says Hacker. ‘I know she did a reading of Alice in Wonderland one time and I set my alarm clock and I woke up to Anne reading Alice in Wonderland on this show.’

Friday in the University City Loop, Vintage Vinyl paid their respects to Tkach. In Grand Center, the radio station that`s still getting used to their new Midtown setting had to once again get used to saying goodbye to a friend.

“This building is named after one of our longtime employees, Bob Reuter we lost in a freak accident in two years ago,” says Hacker. “It`s very difficult and I think everybody has to grieve in their own way.”

It`s been said, music can help heal. KDHX is a community radio station, and right now seems to be a time when it`s most needed for the community. Saturday night at the Schlafly Tap Room they`re holding a memorial concert with musicians and bands that Anne Tkach has been a part of. It promises to be a show you can`t beat.