St. Louis newlyweds celebrate masterpiece wedding at ‘Beyond Van Gogh’


ST. LOUIS — A popular St. Louis exhibit, called “Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience,” has drawn thousands of visitors. Wednesday night, they welcomed a pair of newlyweds who celebrated their masterpiece wedding there.

Katie Dellow and Brian Jones had planned to get married they never imagined their wedding would be in such a rare venue. 

“This in itself is a whole adventure in itself,” said Jones. “This is an experience of a lifetime a unique opportunity that I don’t know anyone else who has had the opportunity to do.” 

The couple had tickets for Beyond Van Gogh, then Katie noticed a contest being held through St. Louis Bride Magazine.  

“We wanted to be in this couldn’t wait for it and when we saw the contest we said why not this would be amazing,” she said.  

Then, the amazing happened as Mr. and Mrs. Jones jones won the “Win a Van Gogh Wedding.”

“In a 35-day turnaround, they have come together and helped pull all of the details. A lot of things that I don’t even know they’ve pulled together,” Jones said.  

St. Louis Bride Magazine editor Nancy Slade said they received wonderful entries, and ultimately, Brian and Katie were the masterpieces they were looking for.  

“The timing was perfect,” said Slade. “They love Van Gogh as far as the artist is concerned. They had a very cool, artful engagement story at the beach, and they’re really a neat couple. So, it was a perfect match for them.”

The magical night had everything you would expect a wedding to have, thanks to more than 20 of the area’s top wedding vendors.  

“Florist, photography the dress everything you can possibly think of that goes into the wedding the catering the music it’s all come together tonight,” Slade said.  

All of it was immersed in Van Gogh.  

“We’ve been a big fan of Van Gogh for a long time, and we have a bunch of his paintings hanging up. So, it’s awesome to get married pretty much in the middle of one of them,” Brian Jones said.  

The newlyweds said they couldn’t have asked for a more special way to celebrate their special day, thanking everyone who helped make it happen.  

“They’ve been wonderful to work with it’s been amazing,” Brian Jones said. 

“Thank you. I mean this couldn’t have done without them,” Katie Jones added. 

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