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ST. LOUIS — The holidays can be incredibly tough for men and women dealing with addiction and substance abuse. A local non-profit called Basic Inc. is there to lend support to anyone who needs it.

The organization offers culturally-sensitive treatment programs and a wealth of resources to participants — including assistance with employment, housing, and utilities.

Alumni who have completed programs at the agency are available, too to offer support and encouragement. Oval Miller Sr., the founder and CEO of Basic, said it’s important for people who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction to hear from mentors who understand what they are going through.

“We have to show them a different way and encourage them to step out on faith and believe in us and believe that we’re going to be there with them and supportive in their effort to make this change,” said Miller.

Family involvement is also critical for recovery. Miller said when men and women enroll in Basic’s gender-specific treatment programs, their loved ones are encouraged to participate, too because substance abuse impacts the entire family.

Miller established Basic in 1983 to raise awareness and educate the black community about substance abuse and treatment programs. He said it is important to consider the cultural context of abuse when developing and offering treatment.

Basic is located at 3654 S. Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63118. Visit the website for more information.