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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The City of St. Louis is paying roughly $500,000 to move a north city home a few blocks to make way for the NGA’s new home.

“Once we looked to see what it would cost us to move her, and what it would cost us to actually pay for getting the home and relocating her, it was roughly equivalent.” said Otis Williams is with the St. Louis Development Corporation. He calls it a win-win situation.

Homeowner Charlesetta Taylor is happy and the eminent domain court judges would have given her around the same reimbursement. However, she would not have saved her family home that’s been around since 1945. A home roughly 1600 sq feet costs approximately $260,000 in this area.

This is just one example of what is happening in eminent domain court. Some residents are receiving about three times the appraised value of their home. The city is well on its way to handing over the 97 acres to the Army Corps Engineers in January of 2018.

“We now own all property, we have relocated all of the people who live here with the exception of two businesses, and moving Ms. Taylor’s home to it’s new location,” said Otis Williams.

Williams also says keeping the NGA in St. Louis with even more jobs coming and a brand new facility will generate $2.5 million in tax revenue each year.

“It was not about trying to push people out and make them uncomfortable to relocate, we want them to continue with their life,” said Otis Williams.