St. Louis pet shelter workers find frozen dog family while checking for strays

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The temperatures are dropping and pet shelter workers are warning people not to leave their dogs and cats out in the cold. Stray Rescue of St. Louis says that they recently found frozen dogs.

An Instagram post from Stray Rescue states:

“This morning, Donna was out checking for any cold strays who needed help. She stopped on the side of the road when she saw a doghouse, sitting in the middle of nowhere. She walked up to it, and saw straw sticking out of the front. Dread and heaviness filled her when she realized it was not empty. It hurts us to even type these words. Inside was a beautiful white dog with a collar, frozen to death. With her were newborn puppies, also frozen to death.”

Together, they lifted the entire doghouse into the Jeep. They brought the whole family back to Stray Rescue so we can have them cremated and at least give them dignity in death. It’s obvious the doghouse was dumped here, as it is nowhere near any houses or property. We are so sorry to give you this horrific and sickening news, but this is reality. This is why we beg people to bring their pets in during these dangerous and deadly temperatures. Even if you have to put them in your basement – do it. They will not survive in these temperatures. Please. So we don’t have gut-wrenching mornings like this. Doghouses and straw are NOT ENOUGH WHEN IT’S THIS COLD. BRING YOUR PETS INSIDE. They are suffering. ​💔”

Stray Rescue

In the last three days, Stray Rescue workers say they’ve rescued dozens of dogs left to fend for themselves in the bitter cold. 

Volunteers drive through neighborhoods in Metro East and the St. Louis area looking for pets that have been forgotten. Nearly 40 dogs have been recently rescued. The animals are given care, compassion, food, and any medical help they need. 

Rescuers spotted a discarded dog house on the side of the road in East St. Louis Monday morning. Inside, a momma dog apparently had been giving birth but she and her first pup died in the cold before any more puppies were born. Workers do everything they can to prevent events like this from happening. 

“We love them and we owe it to them. They absolutely deserve every chance that we can give them,” said Stray Rescue worker Donna Lochmann. 

Their message is simple: bring your pets inside when it gets cold.

“They were discarded like trash. They didn’t deserve it. If anyone simply cannot bring their pets inside and are willing to surrender them, we will take them here at Stray Rescue,” writes Executive Director Cassady Caldwell.

Stray Rescue has named the mom ‘Heaven’ and her newborn ‘Baby Angel.’ They are asking for foster families to volunteer to help take care of the dogs. The shelter is full. They provide everything needed to help the pets.

“The only reason we can keep bringing more in is if people step up to foster, and fostering is easy,” Stray Rescue spokeswoman Natalie Thomson said. “We give you everything you need it doesn’t cost you a penny just a big open heart and patience.” 

You can become a foster family if you live outside the state of Missouri. To sign up to foster:

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