ST. LOUIS – A new show featuring St. Louis is airing on E!

Comedian Nikki Glaser, 37, is from St. Louis. She attended Kirkwood High School and now she is back home. The new show “Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?” follows her return to the area and features her family, friends, and ex-boyfriend who moved back to the area.

“In 2020, my career was at an all-time high, and then the pandemic hit. So I did what any successful comedian at the pinnacle of her career would do, I moved back to my hometown of St. Louis,” Nikki says in the opening of episode one.

The opening sequence of episode one shows Nikki paddling in the Grand Basin at the bottom of Art Hill. She yells out, “I never get recognized in this town. I’m Nikki Glaser!” The opening sequence also shows her at the Family Golf and Learning Center in Kirkwood.

Now her ex-boyfriend, Chris Convy, has also moved back to his hometown of St. Louis. He and Nikki met in 2013 when they were working in New York. He was a producer on Nikki’s MTV show, Nikki & Sara Live.

About three minutes of the episode takes place in The Goodwill located at 14373 Manchester Road near Shear ExSalonce located at 14365 Manchester Road. There, Nikki goes shopping for apartment decor with, Julie, her mother. They are seen getting off track and playing with the items they find. One of them was a skip it.

Another chunk of the episode was spent at her parent’s Des Peres home. Where, as most adult children do, she took items for her new apartment from them.

“Can I look around and maybe borrow some things for my apartment,” Nikki asked her parents. Her dad EJ replied, “Maybe.”

Nikki lives in an apartment with her friend, comedian Andrew Collins, who is also her former dog walker.

Later in the episode, Nikki goes to Steinberg with Convy. They aren’t official at the moment this episode was filmed.

“I’ll take the apps off my phone when we’re together,” Nikki said. Later in the scene, she said “I look forward to being able to say you’re my boyfriend.”