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ST. LOUIS – In the month of June the City of St. Louis saw 32 homicides in 30 days and July is shaping up to be the same.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Chief of Police John Hayden said going into the month of June the city was one homicide under the count from last year but now there are 26 more homicides than this time last year. He said we haven’t seen a spike like this in quite some time. He believes a few factors are playing a role in these numbers. Including the desperate financial situation and people seem to have shorter fuses.

Hayden said a lot of the recent homicides have been personal disputes. He said the community needs to start embracing the concepts of de-escalation and conflict resolution that we talk about for police.

Hayden also said the protests have been taking up a lot of officer time and resources.

Once the civil unrest slows Hayden hopes we can have constructive conversations and we will see those homicide numbers go down.