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ST. LOUIS – Like other districts who have gone back to in-person learning, St. Louis City schools have a gradual return.

Starting today, Monday, October 19, Pre-k – 2nd graders will begin to return to in-person learning for St. Louis public schools. The next Monday 3rd- 6th graders will go back.

According to school officials, the five elementary schools with the largest enrollment including Dewey Elementary will return with A/B scheduled. Meaning, not all students will be at the school at one time, some students will attend on A day and others will attend on B days.

We’re told all of the other city elementary schools will return to class for full days five days a week with school ending one hour early on each day

School officials note that masks are required both at school and on the bus. Students are also being asked to wear masks at bus stops and also to practice social distancing. Adults are also required to wear masks in school buildings. The only time kids and adults can take off masks is when they are eating.

We’re told all of the schools have been stocked with soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants. At most schools, students will eat breakfast and lunch in the classroom while continuing to practice social distancing. At some locations with smaller enrollments, some classes may eat spaced out in the cafeteria.

Officials say students will have recess but for now playground equipment is off-limits. City school officials also say that families still have the option to continue with virtual learning.