St. Louis School In National Spotlight For Music Video

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Students at Innovative Concept Academy, better known as ICA wrote and produced a music video called “Do Right Swag” and it’s getting national attention because of its positive message.

Tenth grader, Jaquan Banks helped write the lyrics to the song. “The do right swag to me is to go to school, be a good student, be a good role model. Have your pants pulled up, have your complete uniform on, i-d and everything ready to go to school and work.”

Michael Williams is a junior. He also helped write the song which sends a powerful message about the value of education and having a positive image. “It changed my life personally. I’ll look in the mirror now and i’m like i’ve got to keep my pants up. it looks more professional. If you look right, you’ll act right.” said Williams.

Dean of Students Alandon Pitts created the music and helped the students write the lyrics for the song, which means a lot to him. “My heart was more so in this video because of the message. I believe the more students we can change now creates a better future,” said Pitts.

ICA is an alternative school for students who have made wrong choices, but are getting on the right track by meeting high expectations. “They must maintain a 2.5 gpa, 93% attendance, zero infractions,” said Program Director Dr. Michael Triplett.

Circuit Judge, Jimmie Edwards started ICA four years ago after many of the students got in trouble with the law and ended up in his courtroom. “I think that sending them to school and teaching them what it means to be decent. what it means to be law abiding, and what it means to be grateful for the generosity of others. it all matters and it makes them better people,” said Edwards.

Now the students are making good grades so they can return to their traditional high school, graduate then go to college. “For the first time in my life i’m actually looking to go to college,” said Williams.

That’s something to sing about.

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