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ST. LOUIS – Joe Mason has always been intrigued by science and technology.

So, it made sense that the St. Louis entrepreneur stepped into the virtual world with his Turnabout 3-D virtual reality.

“It`s hard to communicate how intense the experience is unless you do it but it is literally like you`re there,” says Joe Mason, Co-founder Turnabout 3-D.

In downtown St. Louis, Turnabout 3-D spent a two-year process from concept to completed virtual world environment.

This reporter tried a demo of one of their two camera units which are composed of 18 cameras capturing it all.

“Many people say the exact same thing it`s the beginning of a new chapter for media how people will experience things,’ says Mason.  ‘They want to travel some place they`ll put their VR headset on and they can experience it and pick it up in virtual reality.”

The St. Louis based business has figured out how to give a virtual sense of touch or Superman mode, peering into a part or product.

“So, we have two now and using 4K cameras,’ says Mason.  ‘A 4K is typically what they shoot a film with so we have 18 of them in a spherical configuration.  So, you can imagine it`s a lot of power consumption and data.”

For Mason, immersing businesses and employees into other locations and virtual worlds, well the VR 360 sky is the limit.

“What businesses can do is say, they have a prospect in Italy,’ explains Mason.  ‘You can mail the flat cardboard viewer, they open it up assemble it, download the app and wah-la they`re in 3D 360 space.  It`s pretty amazing.”