ST. LOUIS — Some veterans in St. Louis received free home repairs on Friday. The Home Depot Foundation teamed up with Rebuilding Together St. Louis to help homeowners like Kenneth Young.

“They significantly helped me out a whole lot,” said Young. “They’ve got to be angels, sacrificing their time and effort.”

A team of volunteers, including Home Depot workers, repaired Young’s home. They put down new floors and painted walls. It was their way of saying thank you while keeping these veterans safe and comfortable in their homes.

“It literally is the most fulfilling day of my career,” said Home Depot employee Chris Wendling. “Not only is it fun. You’re giving back, and you’re giving somebody something that maybe they couldn’t have done on their own or didn’t have the means to do it.”

The repairs didn’t just take place inside, but outside the home as well.

“There is inside work. There is outside work. Typically, there is some yardwork and cleanup that’s involved,” said Elaine Powers of Rebuilding Together St. Louis. “We also worked on railings for the front steps to make them safer for coming in and out of the home.”

Young said that sometimes even when the world looks dark, hope will always light the way.

“Oh yeah, definitely, it’s a lot of hope,” he said.