St. Louis Zoo sales tax collection on hold

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ST. LOUIS –  Prop Z passed overwhelming in November’s election, but it’s a Missouri state law that is holding up exactly when and if city and county residents will ever see this on their tax bills.

Prop Z is a one-eighth of 1 percent sales tax increase for the beloved St. Louis Zoo.  The tax hike would generate nearly $20 million in extra money to go towards a breeding facility and park in St. Louis County.

This sounded like a perfect deal to residents, but here’s the catch.

Missouri legislators passed a law that requires at least a 2-year waiting period between sales tax hikes, which then would essentially void Prop Z due to Prop P’s passage in April 2017.

Prop P’s money went towards police funding.

According to our partners at the Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis County counselor Peter Krane contest the two-year wait doesn’t apply because the state’s new mandate became law after Prop P.

The confusion is if Prop Z tax hike will go into effect to benefit the St. Louis Zoo.

FOX 2  will keep you updated on what happens next.



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