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ST. LOUIS – As we await the next round of the bitter cold and icy roads, some St. Louisans are preparing early and stocking up on the essentials.

Zach Boner is the manager is Ace Hardware store in Maryland Heights.

“Ice scrappers are the main thing, salt, ice melt,” Boner said.

The manager said when the wintry weather moves in, supplies move out and customers start asking more questions.

“They ask what’s better for ice,” he said. “Like rock salt, there’s ice melt. What’s better for the concrete. People are most worried about what is better for the concrete.”

Boner recommends grabbing what you need before the ice freezes and the snow starts to fall.

It’s that advice Halee Oliver is using before she hunkers down.

“I bought some ice and I’m bundling up going grocery shopping,” Oliver said.

Single digit temperatures are all the warning Oliver says she needs to stay in the house.

“Just in case the roads aren’t clear you already have what you have at home,” she said.