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ST. LOUIS – People worldwide are participating in social distancing or self- quarantining to slow the spread of coronavirus. But some residents in St Louis are putting up Christmas lights and decorations from various holidays in an effort to bring holiday cheer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kevin Werner was watching FOX 2’s Tim Ezell on Wednesday and heard Ezell suggest putting up Christmas lights to cheer neighbors during this difficult time.

“I’m stuck home with the kids, we are getting a little stir crazy, we heard some other people were doing it, we started putting things up,” said Kevin Werner, resident.

Kevin thought it would be a great idea but added a few more holiday decorations to the list like –Thanksgiving, Fourth of July with American Flags and Halloween.

Werner’s neighbors also decided to do the same thing, a social distancing activity with his family trying to give positive vibes.

Just a few blocks away, Quentin Bachman a sophomore at Vianney High School and an incredibly talented piper is bringing his music to his neighbors.

“It helps during social distancing because really it gives me something to do during the day,” said Quentin Bachman.