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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – For the very talented Vladimir Tarasenko, this is the second time he’s had a three goal game.

But what happens to all those hats that get thrown onto the ice at Scottrade Center?

‘When a player has a hat trick and they all get thrown down there, the player gets first chance at it,’ says Kathleen Nelson, St. Patrick’s Center.  ‘They gather them all up and he gets the chance to go through and keep the ones he wants.’

After Tarasenko takes the ones he wants to keep, the hat trick hats go into a hat trick truck and taken here to St. Patrick`s center.

‘Everybody wins and the people who are throwing them on the ice aren’t even aware that they’re doing good,’ says Nelson.  ‘Which makes it cooler.’

And a cool cap during the cold winter months can warm everyone’s hearts.

St. Patrick`s Center helps area homeless, and those transitioning back into society.

The hats that go into the clothing room here, whether it’s a Blues baseball cap or a took with a note to put on top your noggin, wind up helping a number of people.

‘The odds are they’re either going to end up in the possession of someone like Tarasenko and go on his shelf or wind up with the clients of St. Patrick’s Center,’ says Nelson.

And that’s one reason to hope for a lot more three goal games from our beloved blues.