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ST. PETERS, Mo. – A St. Peters woman says her faith in humanity has been restored after a kind gesture all the way from Arizona via Las Vegas.

“It was proof good humans exist and are out there,” said Aimee Scott.

Scott received a package in the mail Wednesday that warmed her heart. It was her wallet, with her driver’s license and credit card still inside. She’d left the wallet in a cab during a trip to Las Vegas and thought it was gone forever.

“I received this envelope addressed to me. I opened it up, it was my wallet with a cute little letter from ‘Jen’ in Arizona,” Scott said.

Jen Mcanally from Peoria, Arizona found Scott’s wallet on the floor of the cab. She was in Vegas for a bachelorette party. The driver said he had no way of contacting Scott.

“I just felt like hanging onto it. It was better than leaving it, you know? Didn’t want someone to get a hold of it and anything bad to happen,” she said.

When Mcanally got home from her trip, she mailed the wallet to Scott along with this letter:


I found your wallet on Friday night in a cab in Vegas. The driver said he had no way to track you. I didn’t want to leave it for some scumbag to find it. We tried to find you on social media in hopes of meeting up with you to return it but had no luck. Hopefully losing this didn’t ruin your weekend. Sorry we couldn’t get it to you sooner.

Jen from Arizona

Scott lost the wallet on a Friday and was flying back home the following morning. She immediately canceled her credit card, went through a thorough TSA check to get on the plane, and got a new license issued.

But when Mcanally’s letter showed up, Scott posted what happened on social media. She then found Mcanally on Facebook and thanked her.

“I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done,” Scott said. “Everybody is thanking her on social media for being a good human.”

Mcanally responded: “For me, it’s basic human decency. Weird to be getting praised for that but happy I was able to make her day.”