Stan Kroenke should listen to this 3-year-old Rams fan’s cute advice

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI) – A little girl is letting St. Louis know what she thinks of Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

Hannah Schmidt, 3, of University City had a very candid conversation with her dad Justin about the team’s possible relocation to Los Angeles. Her father posted the cute chat to YouTube.

This is a partial transcript of the conversation:

“He is being mean to everybody” said Hannah.

“Who?” said her father.

“Stan Kroenke!” said Hannah.

“What is wrong with him?” said her dad.

“I don’t like him because he is being mean to everybody. He is stealing our Ram games. Now he can’t live in St. Louis.” said Hannah.

“We won’t have any Rams. What do you think about that?” said Justin.

“That is OK. I don’t like it because Stan Kroenke is hurting everybody. People are being not nice to each other.” said Hannah.

“Where do you think the Rams should go?” said her dad.

“They are supposed to live here. In St. Louis! I don’t want them to leave.” said Hannah.

“What would you say to him if Stan Kroenke was here right now?” said Justin.

“Please go back to your house” said Hannah.


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