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Thieves are stealing money from people’s credit cards, bank and paypal accounts by first tapping into their Starbucks mobile app. Starbucks acknowledged this week that criminals have been breaking into individual customer rewards accounts. The Starbucks app lets you pay at checkout with your phone. It can also reload Starbucks gift cards by automatically drawing funds from your bank account, credit card or PayPal.

That’s how criminals are siphoning money away from victims.

They break into a victim’s Starbucks account online, add a new gift card, transfer funds over and repeat the process every time the original card reloads.

Starbucks says they have not been hacked, and it didn’t lose customer data. The company said these account takeovers are likely due to weak customer passwords.

Starbucks suggested that customers use unique, strong passwords.

CNN’s Consumer Journalist Bob Sullivan contributed to this report