Storm knocks tree into Wentzville home


WENTZVILLE, Mo- Rain, thunder, lightning, and strong winds rolled through the bi-state Thursday afternoon.

Storm damage was reported around noon Thursday in a neighborhood off 70 and Church Street.

“It’s a mess, a wet mess,” Barbara Sheets said. Sheets was startled by a loud bang while she was in the living room.

“I was sitting here watching TV and all of a sudden I heard this horrible noise and the house shook and I went in the other room to see what happened and the tree come through the roof,” Sheets said.

A tree in her backyard split and fell onto her guest room, through the roof, knocked out insulation and soaking the floors. Sheets said the Wentzville Fire Department responded and tarped up areas of the home they were able to. No one was injured.

“The water is still pouring in every time it rains a little bit it’s still coming down,” she said.

Sheets has a picture hanging on the wall in her guest bedroom that she is hoping to save from any damage.

“I got a real antique picture on the wall that’s my mother’s great aunt and it’s from the 1800s and that is the most valuable thing in that room,” she said.

Just a few houses up from Sheets is the Styer’s home. A large tree split and fell in her backyard, luckily it was the opposite way of her home.

“It could have been a lot worse, we are so blessed,” Wentzville homeowner Linda Styer said. “The roof’s good, it missed the shed, it missed the float over there, we just have to clean up, instead of having fun this weekend we’re going to cut firewood.”

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