Storms open St. Louis sinkhole twice in one day


ST. LOUIS–A sinkhole reappeared in South St. Louis City two times in one day, thanks to mother nature.

St. Louis City Streets Commissioner Kent Flake said a garbage truck was making its rounds in the alley on the backside of homes in the 4700 block of Juniata when the ground below him started to crumble.

“This a big deal man this is a big hole, I have a little bitty car it could have fallen right in there,” Earnest Husband said. The hole is at the end of his driveway and he watched the entire thing happen Thursday.

Husband said he saw the garbage truck wobble back and forth, the man inside got out and called the street crew for help.

Husband said city street crews were there within 45 minutes to repair the sinkhole.

“They dumped rock and it filled the whole hole up,” he said. He also said he watched a bulldozer drive over the area until “it was solid” he added.

Husband said crews fixed the hole and got the job done for the day, but after they left, mother nature wasn’t too kind.

The rainstorm that rolled through the bi-state Thursday made the street crews work collapse again. This time, by about 2 feet.

“The rock sank and the hole reappeared,” Husband said. “I was talking to my significant on the phone I was like that hole came back!”

Flake said crews will bring in a camera to see if the underlying issue is a sewer lateral problem from clay pipes, like he is suspecting so far.

“If you get a crack or a break in that it just starts eroding the dirt, a little bit at a time that could have very well been like that for ten-twenty years, eroding slowly everyday, every time it rains and it eventually kind of opens up to what you see cave in,” Flake added.

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