ROSEBUD, Mo. — The driver of a partially submerged vehicle in the Red Oak Creek in Rosebud is safe after a Monday night water rescue from the Gerald-Rosebud Fire Protection District.  

Fire Chief Warren Weiss said his crew was able to rescue the person within 15 minutes of being dispatched and serves as a reminder of what can happen during severe weather. 

“This can cost you your life it could have last night easily, and this individual got very lucky,” Weiss said.  

Water from the red oak creek still surrounds a car on a bank of in Gasconade County after a Monday night water rescue.  

“Always be aware of your surroundings. Around here we do have a lot of low water bridges, and when it rains you’ve got a lot of water that comes from way up the river that rushes down here,” Weiss said. 

He said the fire protection crew responded to a vehicle that was swept off a concrete slab trying to cross the creek.   

“They basically threw a rope bag down to her, and then one guy actually went down there and just grabbed her, and just pulled her out on the bank,” Weiss said.  

Gerald Rosebud Fire Captain Nick Via said this type of situation can happen to anyone, anywhere, as we prepare for potential severe weather moving into the region.  

“Other places, like the bigger cities, where they have the Meramec and everything else, they’ve got some deep water. A car like this will completely submerge underwater and you won’t get anybody out of there,” Via said.  

Weiss and Via said the car serves as a great reminder to everyone on the road.  

“Just turn around and don’t drown, because you’re putting everyone else at risk that has to go out there and get you,” Via said.  

“Turn around it’s not worth it. Like they say turn around don’t drown. It’s not worth your life,” Weiss said.