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ST. LOUIS — May is National Stroke Awareness Month and local stroke survivors are sharing their stories to help save lives.

Doctors say a stroke can happen to anyone at any time. It occurs when blood is blocked from the brain. Symptoms of a stroke include slurred speech, trouble walking, and paralysis of the arm, leg, and face.

Kathleen Moorer says she had high blood pressure, which caused her to have a stroke about 18 months ago.

“My whole left side was paralyzed. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t use my arm, my hand. I woke up on October 3, 2020, and fell on the floor,” she said. “I knew it was bad because I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t walk.”

“Before I had a stroke I knew nothing about it,” Moorer added. “Awareness needs to be brought to people’s attention.”

Moorer says she was in the hospital for a month, followed by intensive rehab for six months.
If you are experiencing symptoms of stroke doctors say call 911 immediately.