Student says senior prank with fireworks got out of hand at McCluer HS

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Update from the school district:

Seniors and other students were identified as participating. Any student who is verified as participating in the incidents will receive consequences according to the Ferguson-Florissant School District Student Code of Conduct.

FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI) – A senior prank taken too far at McCluer High School. A student said Wednesday around noon a smoke bomb went off in the cafeteria. Soon after that masked seniors started throwing fire crackers, cherry bombs and bottle rockets at student in the halls. The student said some seniors also had water guns filled with urine and bleach that they were spraying at other students.

Freshman Jordan Buchanan got hit in the back with two firecrackers while running from the explosives. He describes the scene as chaotic and students ran in fear and teachers didn’t do much to stop it.

“I was walking with my friends going to my seventh hour and then I heard people scream and I looked behind me and I saw people in masks and I was about to run that’s when I got hit in the back with two firecrackers,” said Buchanan.

The school sent out an email to parents about the smoke bomb but did not mention anything about fireworks or urine. The school spokesperson said several students were identified and will be punished according to school policy.

Freshman Jordan Buchanan says around noon a smoke bomb went off in the cafeteria. He says everyone was expecting a senior prank but no one thought it was going to go so far. Buchanan and his friends ran across campus to escape the fireworks. That`s when his asthma started kicking in and he asked to go to the school nurse; but was told he couldn`t at that time because the halls were not safe.

So Buchanan texted his mom. She immediately got in the car and headed to school to see what was going on. Buchanan describes the scene inside the school as chaos.

This afternoon the school sent out an email to parents. It states that smoke was detected in the school around noon, the fire department was called but before firefighters got there it was discovered that a smoke bomb had been set off.

The email does not mention anything about fireworks, urine or bleach. Crader says the email doesn`t add up to what her son and the principal said happened.

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