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ST. LOUIS – Missouri has the sixth-highest anti-mask activity in America, according to a recent study.

The pandemic has seen a mix of policy and science that have worked together in some aspects and have ignored each other in others.

After finding geotagged Twitter data by searching hashtags such as #nomask, #burnyourmask, #nomasks, #antimask, #iwillnotcomply, a study from found that Missouri has the sixth most anti-mask rhetoric on the site.

The most anti-mask activity by state:

1. Arizona – 123,824 coronavirus cases / 2,245 coronavirus-related deaths
2. Nevada – 28,515 coronavirus cases / 593 coronavirus-related deaths
3. Florida – 282,435 coronavirus cases / 4,277 coronavirus-related deaths
4. Idaho – 10,902 coronavirus cases / 102 coronavirus-related deaths
5. Maine – 3,558 coronavirus cases / 114 coronavirus-related deaths
6. Missouri – 27,443 coronavirus cases / 1,069 coronavirus-related deaths
7. Wyoming – 1,506 coronavirus cases / 21 coronavirus-related deaths
8. South Carolina – 58,003 coronavirus cases / 961 coronavirus-related deaths
9. Ohio – 66,853 coronavirus cases / 3,064 coronavirus-related deaths
10. Montana – 1,843 coronavirus cases / 32 coronavirus-related deaths

Here are some of the examples of posts using some of the anti-mask hashtags.

The study says Tweets per state that are in favor of wearing masks far outweigh Tweets in the state that are against mask-wearing.

As scientists have learned more about the coronavirus their stance on mask-wearing has changed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says it is important to wear masks, but there is not a federal mandate.

Some states have put mask mandates in place, while others have left guidelines up to local health departments.

Some states on the list that have been vocal on Twitter against mask-wearing have Governor’s who have put a mask-wearing mandate in place.

Nevada began a mask mandate on June 24 that requires anyone in a public space to wear a mask. Their cases are in step with Missouri’s, but their deaths are at about half.

Maine is the fifth most vocal on Twitter against wearing masks while their Governor Janet Mills ordered people to wear masks on May 1 if they’re in indoor public spaces such as supermarkets, retail stores, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices.

Below is a map of the states that have made mask-wearing mandatory.