Study shows top concerns of the vaccine-hesitant in Springfield


Some are now eligible for a third injection of COVID-19 vaccine (Getty Images)

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- KOLR10 recently ran a study with RAM, Research and Analysis of Media, to understand why there is vaccine hesitancy in our area and for what reasons.

The study was conducted from August 11-14 and had responses from 153 residents.

Of those residents:

  • 55% male
  • 45% Female

The ages range from:

  • 25% 18-34-year-olds
  • 28% 35-54-year-olds
  • 48% 55 and older

The study results show that 72% of the residents say they have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 28% say they have not.

When asked if they were eligible to get the vaccine but have not been vaccinated, did they turn down an opportunity to do so?

“When you are eligible to get the vaccine, will you take it?”

The results:

  • Yes- 27%
  • No- 35%
  • I am not sure- 38%

Of the non-vaccinated adults, 86% lean conservative, with 14% leaning more liberal. The highest number of unvaccinated adults are in the 45-54 range at 29%.

These 153 people cite long-term side effects and the overall effectiveness of the vaccine as reasons for vaccine hesitancy.

“Who do you consider a reliable source of information regarding the safety of vaccines?”

Those in the student responded with:

  • Doctor- 86%
  • Hospital Leader- 34%
  • Media- 3%
  • Neighbor- 1%
  • Relative- 9%
  • Other- 14% (People wrote CDC, FDA, Researching specific vaccine makers and reputable sites like WebMD or Mayo clinic, scientists, those who have done the actual studies, and non-biased statisticians.)

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