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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KTVI) – The mayor of Sunset Hills is facing felony charges in connection with an alleged road rage incident involving a cyclist.  Mark Furrer is charged with assault and damage to property.

You may recall the collision back in July.  Furrer is accused of running cyclist Randy Murdick off the road with his car after allegedly shouting, ‘Get off my road’ at the man on the bicycle.  Murdick suffered minor injuries and his 12-thousand dollar road bike was badly damaged.

The mayor claimed Murdick initiated the whole thing, cursing at him then grabbing his moving vehicle.

Prosecutors apparently believed the cyclist’s story.  Murdick said in an interview Wednesday afternoon that the action is gratifying.  He also says he’s been soured on the mayor of Sunset Hills.

“Makes me feel like he’s a bully.  And ya know, I don’t want it to be just about him.  I want it to be about people in general giving cyclists a little more courtesy.  Especially if they’re not trying to be in your way or causing you any harm.”

His attorney, Michelle Funkenbusch calls the charges a product of the system working, if not a little bit slowly.

“Hopefully we’re going to leave it to a judge or a jury to decide if he’s guilty of these felonies he’s been charged with,” she said.  “At least the message has been sent that St. Louis County is not going to tolerate assault of cyclists on our roads.”

Mayor Furrer would not comment on the advice of his attorney.  That lawyer, Tom Magee, says the mayor stands by his original version of events.

“We intend to vigorously defend this matter.  We will go to trial and we expect to win,” he said.

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