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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KTVI) – Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer is speaking out for the first time after all charges were dropped against him in connection with an alleged road rage  incident involving a bicyclist.

Furrer says he’s relived that all criminal and civil complaints against him regarding the incident have been dropped. He was accused of hitting Randy Murdick as he rode his bicycle in July of 2014 near Kennerly and Weber Hill Roads. The criminal case ended in a mistrial last year.

“I knew I was innocent from the start. The biker at the time of the incident told me he was fine, he told the police he was fine, he did not say he needed an ambulance. He gave me the thumbs up that he was OK,” said Mayor Furrer.

Last month prosecutor Bob Mcculloch said Murdick embellished his testimony about his injuries and the damage to his bike.  This made him “not credible” as a witness.  Forcing the prosecutor to drop the assault charges against Furrer.

The Mayor says it’s been hard to remain silent throughout the entire ordeal.

“I had to sit back and listen to the accusation. I had death threats from around the country. My children were threatened and I was threatened. My alderman said I was guilty.  They tried to force me out of office for political reasons,” said Furrer.