Sunshine, warm temps return and St. Louis takes advantage

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – It was a day of sunshine after a dreary week and many spent time outside taking advantage, wondering if this will be their last day to get out and enjoy before colder weather fully takes hold.

“We came out here specifically to have lunch on our blanket and maybe get a nice little sunburn for the last day until, what, maybe May,” says local resident Sandy Giovannetti.

Ann Shoeboot is visiting from Las Vegas. She loves the combo of warm temperatures and Autumn vibes.

“It’s beautiful. I’m enjoying the Fall colors. We don’t get much of that in Vegas.”

As temperatures pushed into the 80s, car washes, like the Waterway by Westport Plaza, also became a popular spot as folks washed the grime off from the last few days of rain.

“It’s like 80 degrees, sunny, and my car needed to get washed. So I snuck out. And here I am getting my car washed,” says Jeff Seeney.

With clouds, rain, storms, and cold returning Friday, visitors and locals alike aren’t taking any chances.

“Last couple days was kind of cool so I was in the house. Now, I’m out trying to enjoy this day before tomorrow, before the cold sets in,” says Shoeboot.

“Of all the years I’ve lived in St. Louis, this is the first day I’ve brought a picnic to Forest Park and enjoyed Art Hill. And I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner,” says Giovannetti.

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