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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Vanity Fair just featured supermodel Karlie Kloss in Derek Blasberg’s web series. The Missouri native introduces the nation to some of St. Louis’ classic cuisine. She lays down the five rules for a Midwestern diet.

This episode of Derek Does Stuff with a Friend is called, “How to Eat Like a Midwesterner.” Kloss begins the video by explaining that, “Imo’s is the destination in St. Louis. I have so many memories here.”

Blasberg chimes in, “I think this place can teach you everything you need to know about Missouri eating habits.”

This is when we are intoduced to the five cardinal rules of St. Louis food:

1. Everything is better fried. (Exhibit A: Toasted Ravioli. They are fried – not toasted)
2. Everything is better with ranch dressing. (Think Mozzarella sticks)
3. Drinks should be bigger than your head.  (Extra value)
4. Cut pizzas into square slices. (Math people!)
5. Always take your leftovers home. (Be thrifty)

Prime examples of the lessons in Midwestern cuisine are toasted ravioli, mozzarella sticks, extra large sodas, pizza sliced into squares and the styrofoam take-home container.