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CLAYTON, Mo. – The numbers are giving more insight this morning about the state of the virus in our area. Tragically, at least 13 more COVID-19 deaths are being reported in the St. Louis area. But 18 of the 28 counties we track have either no new cases this morning, or gave no updates over the weekend.

Missouri now has nearly 8,400 confirmed cases with at least 380 deaths. Illinois has some 61,500 cases with more than 2,600 deaths. Missouri and Illinois combined added more than 3,200 cases Sunday, nearly 3,000 of those were in Illinois.

St. Louis City reports 97 additional cases this morning and five more deaths. There are 81 more cases in St. Louis County. Meanwhile, St. Charles County has four additional cases.

St. Louis County reports nearly 1,300 people who had COVID-19 have been released from isolation. There are also 621 others from our other counties either listed as recovered of released from isolation. That’s up from 575 recovered or released from isolation on last Friday.