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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – A Belleville firefighter hopes his sophisticated home surveillance system will help stop crime in his neighborhood.

Scott Tyler says he’s notified whenever his cameras capture someone within a few feet of his home. Surveillance video captured a man nearing Tyler’s garage early Sunday morning and then suddenly running away. Tyler heard the alarm and ran outside. The man ran away.

“It was 12 seconds from when he jumped the fence to when I came out the door,” said Tyler.

He also has surveillance video from September showing what appears to be the same man. The video shows the man going from car to car, apparently hoping to find one that’s unlocked.

Tyler purchased the surveillance system after he says someone broke into his garage a few months ago. He says he’s fed up over crime in his neighborhood and hopes someone who recognizes the man will call police.

“I’ve got kids and they were scared to death,” said Tyler.

Belleville Police say they have received the video and could provide more information on Monday.​