Phone tip leads to north St. Louis police shoot-out; suspect killed

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A suspect is dead after a shootout with officers in a broad daylight. It all started with a tip to police that someone was on Union avenue with a heavy duty semi-automatic pistol. It ended in a shootout when police swarmed the area.

“Officers assigned to our special operations unit had received some information that there was an individual who was armed with a TEK-9 on the corner of Union and Ridge.” said Captain Michael Sack of the St. Louis Police Dept.

A TEK-9 is a heavy duty 9 millimeter handgun that uses up to a 50 round magazine. Police spotted the suspect, he spotted the cops, and ran.

“The officers gave chase. He ran behind a business, up an alley, came out of a gangway between two houses on the west side of Union. He then crossed Union again and went behind an automotive store.” said Captain Michael Sack.

But, he discovered the lot behind the auto repair shop was surrounded with a chain link fence and there was no way out. So, police say he turned and pulled the TEK-9 from his waistband.

“It was at this point that officers who had already begun giving him commands to drop the weapon opened fire on the suspect.” said Captain Michael Sack.

The suspect, only described as an African-American male in his thirties, fell dead. He was riddled with shots from the sidearms of six police officers.

“We’ll do a gun trace on the weapon, see where it might have come from, if he came to own it legally or it was stolen. They’re also looking at any other robberies or aggravated assaults that might have occured in the area.” said said Captain Michael Sack.

The incident occurred about a mile and a half north of Forest Park. It joins the long list of incidents this year where police have opened fire on suspects.

“This is the tenth police shooting, maybe the eleventh policed shooting this year, it may be the fourth or fifth that’s been a fatal one, fortunately, no officer has been seriously wounded.” said Captain Michael Sack.

No officers or neighborhood residents were hurt in this shooting.

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