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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI)– A 39-year-old man fled from police after he was pulled over, but was caught after he accidentally ran into police headquarters, according to the Clayton Police Department.

Joseph Meacham was pulled over in the 7800 block of Forsyth Wednesday afternoon.

Police said he got out of the car and then started running.

Sharon Gipson said she saw the chase.

“He was running through the grass looking for a place to hide and ran straight into the police department,” she said. “It is pretty funny.”

Police said once inside Meacham ran toward the chief of police’s office.

He was greeted by St. Louis County Lt. Bryan Ludwig.

“He ran the other way when he saw officers, but it was a dead end,” Lt. Ludwig said. “He balled up on the ground and we took him into custody pretty easy.”

Clayton police officers took the suspect and questioned him.

However, he was released after being issued a court summonses, according to the Clayton Police Department.

Police said Meaham smelled like alcohol.