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ST. LOUIS, MO — A south St. Louis bar stabbing suspect was identified less than a week after police asked for help. The case may never go to trial, leaving those injured quite upset

Trent Brewer, 23, is still recovering from the stab wound to his abdomen he suffered nearly 4-weeks-ago outside Crusoe’s Bar. He can’t believe the Circuit Attorney has decided not to prosecute.

Police initially released surveillance photos of three suspects,  two men, and one woman, asking for help in identifying them. Police say they attacked Brewer and his two friends as they were leaving the bar. A woman was punched in the face; another man was also stabbed, but survived. Police say all three suspects have been identified.

Prosecutors aren’t issuing charges.  They say they have gotten conflicting stories from those involved. Brewer says he never laid a hand on anyone. While prosecutors say witnesses too often won’t come forward out of fear of retaliation,  he has. Brewer has positively identified his attacker and his story has never changed.

“Out of nowhere, I just get stabbed. I feel warm liquid going out of my body, and turn around and bolt off to the bar to get the bartender to call 911,” said Trent Brewer.

“When we do follow, and help the police, and do all those things we’re supposed to do. We have what I think is pretty solid information and nothing is done, it’s very upsetting,” said Paige Brewer-Angleton.

“He was a bystander, not involved in the physical altercation, got stabbed, and knows who stabbed him. His story has stayed the same this entire time.  He’s cooperated with every part of this investigation. When they say jump, he jumps, he’s there. He gives statements but they won’t do anything with that,” said attorney Grant Boyd.

A statement from Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office points out that all those involved had been drinking when a verbal dispute led to a physical altercation. An excerpt from the statement says, “While it’s very unfortunate that Mr. Brewer was injured during this altercation, taking someone’s liberty by charging them with a crime is a very serious action. At this time, there is insufficient evidence to pursue charges against anyone.”

The Circuit Attorney’s Office encourages anyone with additional information to come forward. Police say the case is still open.