ST. LOUIS — Nacho Fries are coming back to Taco Bell on April 13. You can still get the classic fries or order them up with a spicy twist. For the next two weeks, the fries will be available with Yellowbird Hot Sauce.

The slim-cut potato fries come with nacho cheese sauce, topped with beef, and the spicy Yellowbird Habanero Ranch sauce. The price? $4.99.

The fast food chain is partnering with one of the best-selling hot sauces in the nation. Yellowbird habanero ranch sauce is described as having a velvety–smooth fiery–flavor. The Spicy Habanero Ranch sauce can be added to any menu item while supplies last.

Yellowbird is a hot sauce brand from Austin, Texas. It was founded by Erin Link and George Milton who started the business from healthy ingredients grown in their backyard. They intended to serve farmer’s markets and restaurants. Now, the popular sauce is available in stores across the US.

The Yellowbird Nacho Fries are only available at Taco Bell for the next two weeks. The original Nacho Fries will stay on menus for a while longer. They are only $1.99 for a limited time.