Taco Bell Responds To Shell-Licking Picture

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(KTVI) – It was the picture seen around the world Monday. A picture taken inside a Taco Bell restaurant showed an employee licking a stack of taco shells. The photo was placed on social media and took off from there. Many people forwarded the picture fearing the shells were served to customers.

Taco Bell posted a response on their corporate website Monday addressing the incident.

They stated the taco shells were never served to customers and were simply part of training for a new taco product. The photo was taken by two employees to submit to an internal contest, but did not follow contest rules and was never actually submitted. Still, one of the employees placed the picture on social media.

Taco Bell says the person who took the photo no longer works there. They go on to explain their plans moving forward:

We do not believe these employees harmed, or intended to harm, anyone.  But we deplore the impressions this has caused to our customers, fans, franchisees, and team members.  The behavior is unacceptable for people working in a restaurant.  Our franchisee is responsible for the employment and conduct of his restaurant’s employees and he has informed us that he immediately suspended the employee shown in the photo and is in the process of terminating his employment.  The employee who took the photo no longer works there.  As we complete our investigation we will work with our franchisee to implement any additional action we find appropriate to address this situation and ensure it never happens again.

Read the full Taco Bell response here: http://www.tacobell.com/Company/newsreleases/Statement_Regarding_Prank_Photo

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