8 best iOS 15 features for iPhone

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ST. LOUIS– Apple iOS 15 is rolling out to phones across the country and it is full of new features. The new capabilities include a new notification summary, a translation tool, and changes to FaceTime calls.

Scott Schaffer with Blade Technologies says if you have an iPhone 6S and up you can install this upgrade.

Here are some of the new features:

  • You can invite non-Apple users to FaceTime calls
  • New notification summary groups all of your alerts into a convenient summary for you to browse
  • Ability to translate almost any text. You can highlight text and choose the “translate” option
  • Separation alerts remind you not to leave your things behind
  • iCloud+ gives you a burner email account
  • Translate app allows you to use a split view to allow you to talk while facing your partner and still understand what the person is saying
  • iOS 15 will allow 5G to take over whenever it notices your wifi connection is too slow
  • Digital Legacy program allows you to set up “legacy contacts” for your account. These contacts will be in charge of managing your Apple ID and its data after you pass away

Some users are noticing the new software drains your battery life. Here are some things you can do to extend that battery life.

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