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ST. LOUIS– Amazon is offering $10 for your palm print. It is in an effort to get more people to use Amazon’s One palm-recognition technology.

Amazon One was put in at Go stores last September and then at select Whole Foods Stores in April.

Scott Schaffer, Chief Information Security Office with Blade Technologies, says it is not being used as much as anticipated. To boost its usage, Amazon is offering a $10 store credit at Whole Foods and Amazon Go stores.

There are a few dozen Amazon One locations, unfortunately, none in Missouri or Illinois.

Schaffer explains Amazon chose to use a palm print because it is harder to determine a person’s identity just by looking at an image of their palm. He says that is the case for now but 50 years ago people also didn’t worry too much about fingerprints.

Schaffer says this is another example of people trading a modicum of privacy for a slight convenience.

He also said Amazon received FCC approval to use radar to gather information from you while you are sleeping!