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ST. LOUIS – Digital fashion is a growing trend that has fashion houses creating designs that can be used in virtual realities. The digital fashion houses have an inventory of items that you might see in a brick and mortar store but they aren’t physical items.

DressX and The Fabricant and are two companies offering these digital-only fashions. The Fabricant says it operates at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Scott Schaffer with Blade Technologies explains these digital-only fashions can be used for your virtual life in augmented reality. They can also be used for online avatars, Instagram filters, etc. They can only be seen by others using augmented reality glasses or an app on your smartphone.

Schaffer says augmented reality is when you take the digital world and overlay it on top of the real world.

He also says the clothing is often a fraction of what other designer clothing would cost. Some designs also defy physics and couldn’t exist in the real world.

DressX’s website allows customers to shop for items they like, then attach a photo and have the piece tailored to your body. It takes a few days for the digital item to be made.

DressX offers a long sleeve shirt for $40, power gloves for $25, and a traveler bag for $40.

The DressX site also gives customers instructions on how to take a picture so your digital clothing will fit the best. They even have a website where you can upload your pictures and then go shopping.

The Fabricant’s site says it is collaborating with global brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, Puma, and Buffalo London.

Schaffer says this technology can be applied to other things in the future. He says it could be used for navigation when you are traveling down an unfamiliar road and there are virtual turn indicators.

He says it could also be used in healthcare for taking digital images of a patient and overlying this information onto augmented reality glasses of a surgeon to give them a 3D view inside your body.

Another application can be for training and education. He says maybe you can teach a class on Roman history while being surrounded by a virtual Rome or take a field trip to the solar system.

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