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ST. LOUIS– The pandemic has seen more people than ever working remotely and that may have you wondering what can your boss monitor when you are away?

Scott Schaffer, chief information security officer with Blade Technologies, says his company has fielded dozens of questions from employers on how they can monitor employees’ devices.

Here are some common things employers can track:

  • Corporate email: email administrators can see everything in your mailbox, calendar and contacts
  • Internet browser: Your browser use follows the device, not the office
    • If your internet connection travels through a corpoprate gateway prior to going to the internet your employer can generally see all the sites you visit
    • If you are browsing on a company machine outside of the corporate network (coffee shop or airport, etc.) your interenet history can most likely still be logged
    • If you use the company wifi on your personal cell phone or device, your employer can see nearly every place you search or visit
    • If you are using collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Meet, Zoom, etc., they also store your information and can be accessed by your employer.

There are also third-party solutions your employer can use to monitor employees. However, Schaffer suggests if you chose to do so you tell your employees first and that may lead to decreased use.

Some of those tools can monitor emails for certain terms, log how much time you spend on social media, and even find out what time you log on and off.

Schaffer explains the computer you are issued and all the data on it are the property of your employer.

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