New tech allows cars to warn about road hazards

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ST. LOUIS– Technology is allowing vehicles to get smarter and smarter. Now Mercedes Benz’s communication network is expanding and allowing some of its vehicles to share information about things like potholes and other road conditions.

The technology is called Car-to-X and has been available for certain vehicles and models since 2016. Recently, Mercedes-Benz announced it will be expanding its capabilities to detect things like potholes and speed bumps.

Scott Schaffer, chief information security officer with Blade Technologies, says Car-to-X allows the car’s suspension system to detect certain road conditions and broadcast it to the Mercedes-Benz cloud.

The cloud then warns other Mercedes-Benz drivers at least 10 seconds prior to it encountering the hazard.

Schaffer says the use of the cloud is a real big step in developing networks for truly autonomous cars. He says this may serve as a glimpse into the future because other manufactures may start buying into this technology. He also says the growth of the 5G wireless network could make this type of network more appealing.

He even believes things like traffic lights, construction barriers, and even your car itself will be part of the ‘Internet of Things’ in the future.

Schaffer says by 2025, analysts predict there will be 31 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Those are devices that contain sensors and the ability to transfer information collected across networks

Now while this technology serves as a convenience, it also provides more opportunities for hackers to try and steal data.

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