Software bug leads to video mixups for home security cameras

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ST. LOUIS– A software bug led to a mix-up of private video feeds from Eufy cameras earlier this week. It caused some fearful moments for customers who learned they could see someone else’s camera when they logged in.

Eufy tweeted the bug occurred during a server upgrade. The company said the engineering team recognized this issue and had it fixed in about two hours.

The company said the bug affected a total of 712 users in several countries including the United States.

Eufy said customers should unplug and reconnect the device and also log out of the security app.

The company also said to prevent this from happening in the future, they are upgrading the network architecture and strengthening its two-way authentication mechanism. It is also upgrading its servers to improve processing capacity in order to eliminate potential risks.

Scott Schaffer with Blade Technologies says while there has not been any reported security breaches, the possibility is there.

Schaffer suggests besides following Eufy’s recommendations, you may want to consider where you place your cameras. He says you want to make sure the cameras are not pointing toward any sensitive information in case there is another breach in the future.

He also suggests knowing which wifi and smart devices you have connected. He explains these all could have potential vulnerabilities.

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