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ST. LOUIS, MO  (KTVI) – Update: St. Louis Police say two teens, a 17-year old and a 15-year-old, are in custody in connection with the assault on Delmar Avenue that was posted to Facebook.

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A young man is randomly attacked on Delmar Avenue in St. Louis City and it appears to be part of a sick prank to post on Facebook.

The attack occurred Sunday afternoon in broad daylight with the loop full of people. A teenager walks past another teen while his buddy videotaped it all on his phone.

The video was posted on Facebook, but it has since been removed.

As the teen walked past another teen he punches him so hard the teen fell head first to the pavement. Then the teen kicks the teen as he laid on the ground.

The teen is heard on the video laughing and talking about what he had just done.

You can hear other teens around him laughing too.

St. Louis police have reviewed the video and are now look for the attacker and his accomplices.

Police are also reviewing another video posted on Facebook showing some teens driving around in a car with guns, including the driver making threats about terrorizing neighborhoods.

It’s possible some of the teens in that video may be linked to Sunday’s attack.

Police say the victim is doing okay.

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