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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – What television producers called “an exorcism” took place in the Bel-Nor neighborhood Friday evening as many tuned in to watch it unfold live on cable television.

The live exorcism was completed around 10 p.m. A crowd of onlookers gathered outside, waiting and wondering if anything would happen.

The Destination America show producers said they had to prepare for worst case scenarios as they aired the live event, such as entities attaching themselves to a bystander.

“When we talk about the devil, we know that there is possession in this house,” said Bishop James Long of the Old Catholic Church. “We know infestation has occurred.”

Bishop Long performed the proceedings at the infamous home on Roanoke Drive, a home said to be full of evil spirits since 1949.

The show was broadcast live via cameras placed throughout the residence. Home viewers were encouraged to alert the ghost hunters and exorcists via Twitter if anything suspicious happened in any of the rooms.

Some residents who live on the street said they were overwhelmed by Friday’s episode and wanted to be home before it occurred, but with security and plenty of production crews everywhere, that made things difficult.

Neighbors are no stranger to the house’s back story. In 1949, a teenager known as Roland Doe lived in the home, which some believed was possessed by the devil. The incident would later inspire the motion picture ‘The Exorcist.’

Since then, the house has become a paranormal landmark.

When asked if anything out of the ordinary happened inside the home during the televised exorcism, the producers and crew had no comment.