ST. PETERS, Mo. – There were some brief lane restrictions on I-70 in St. Peters overnight while MoDOT crews moved a huge crane.

Just off I-70 at Cave Springs was where the massive crane was being moved across the interstate. It is stationary now but that was not the case earlier Thursday morning.

Here’s a video from when the crane was on the move. This all happened between about 3:15 and 3:45 a.m. Crews moved the crane across the eastbound lanes of I-70 and then the westbound lanes. The original press release from MoDOT said that there would be a complete closure of I-70 in this area when the move happened, But the highway here was never completely shut down.

MoDOT crews told us the eastbound lanes of 70 were closed briefly when the crane moved across that area. Then the westbound lanes were shut down for a bit while the crane went across those lanes. Crew members here referred to it as “rolling lane drops.”

As imagined, there were some brief traffic back-ups when the lanes were restricted, but traffic is moving again now. This is all part of an ongoing MoDOT project that involves reconstructing the Cave Springs and Zumbehl interchanges.

The project is addressing the connectivity, safety, and congestion problems in the area.